DA Training

Welcome to the Brighton Uncut Direct Action Training!

Before you start, make sure you have seen the first video installment and met your sticky guide:

This training session is a trail. Work your way along the trail – you can do it at your own pace!

The trail has three stages. You progress to the next stage by finding the name of the next link. Once you have found the word you need go to:


to go to the next stage.

To find the word, complete the task in each video’s description box (you’ll have to watch the video to do this!). It wont be hard! But it’ll make sure you view all the resources!

TASK 1: To begin stage 1, answer this question: how many stages are there to the training? The answer needs to be written like this:


2 Responses to DA Training

  1. Linda Schoettker says:

    How do I start a local chapter here in the US ? I have been on the US Uncut website but can’t tell how to start a local chapter here in western PA.

    • Hi Linda

      The key is to just do it really. Have a go and you will make mistakes but hopefully it will work out in the end.

      A good way to start may be to call a public meeting, or even a date for an action, then get on all the social media and find people to come along. Get your national twitter feed to put a call out for people for you. Contact everybody you know on Facebook.

      You could start out really simple, just handing out leaflets outside a tax dodger, or go bigger if you want and occupy.

      If you start it hopefully there are lots of other people out there also wanting to do it but cant find other people so they will get in touch.

      Good luck.

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