Press Release: Never Mind the Jubilee – It’s the Great Brighton Street Party


Phone: 07527497339

Twitter: @brightonuncut


Never Mind the Jubilee – It’s the Great Brighton Street Party

Brighton Uncut, the direct action anti cuts group, has called for a party and protest in central Brighton to celebrate “Community Spirit Uncut”. Brighton Uncut are asking people to meet on Saturday 2nd June at 12 noon at the Clock Tower for an afternoon which will include tea, cake and conversation, music and games, bunting and traditional gingham table cloths in interesting places.

The move follows a call out by national activist network UK Uncut for street parties to highlight alternatives to Government’s austerity economics [1].

Brighton Uncutter Al Buntson said: “We continue to pay the price for bankers’ greed and recklessness while the mega wealthy get tax breaks and the corporate tax dodgers continue unfettered.”

“Since Brighton Uncut first took to the streets armed with nothing more than tubes of superglue, the financial crisis has worsened and we’re still braced for the full force of the Government’s slash and burn approach to public services.

“We could leave our fate in the hands of a tiny group of millionaires in business and government. Or we could organise, take back the power and build a better world. That’s why we’re celebrating Community Spirit Uncut. It’s the one thing this Government can’t cut. And it’s something we’ll need in spades.”

The Great Brighton Street Party has a 1948 theme, to remind people of the year when the debt crisis was worse than it is now [2]. It was also the year the welfare state [3] and the NHS [4] were born and the UK hosted a no frills Olympic Games [5].  The Government invested in the nation, its people and the future.

Brighton Uncutter Jen Ewing said “In 2012 we face a government with policies to destroy that legacy, prop up a failing system and protect the elite.

It has attempted to placate us with bread and circuses –  a corporatized budget-busting Mclympics and a royal non event. We say never mind the jubilee, it’s the Great Brighton Street Party: Community Spirit Uncut. Usual targets apply.”




Contact Details


Phone: 07527497339

Twitter: @brightonuncut



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About brightonuncut

Local group in Brighton dedicated to defending our communities from cuts and highlighting alternatives through direct action.
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