Press Release: Brighton Uncut Action to Support Strikers

Contact: Brighton.uncut@gmail.

Brighton Uncut Target Banks and Tax Dodgers in Solidarity with Strikers

Brighton Uncut went on a tour of tax dodgers and banks today to support the 800,000 public sector workers on strike.

They handed out leaflets, sang songs and chatted to passers by to highlight that there are alternatives to the cuts. And got an overwhelming amount of support from shoppers.

Protesters met outside Vodafone in Churchill Square and tried to go into the store to talk to customers and staff. However they were violently ejected by security.

Once the police turned up protesters left Churchill Square to go to Boots and Barclays.

Terry Glib, one of the protesters, said “We tried to get into the shops to talk to customers and staff but it seems that the shops and banks are so embarrassed by their tax evasion and massive subsidies that they attacked us violently”

Sian McDoogle, a spokesperson, for Brighton Uncut commented “Tax dodging by corporations costs us £95bn a year and the banks get a £100bn subsidy each year, it’s a joke that they try and tell us we’re all in this together, the rich pay nothing whilst normal people have their services cut”

Later in the day two protesters were arrested outside TopShop in yet another example of over the top policing of protests.


More information see:


About brightonuncut

Local group in Brighton dedicated to defending our communities from cuts and highlighting alternatives through direct action.
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