PRESS RELEASE – Superglueing Anti-cuts Activists First Court Date

Brighton Uncut Press Release



Superglueing Anti-cuts Activists First Court Date

Nine activists from Brighton Uncut, the Brighton branch of UK Uncut, a group which uses direct action to campaign against the coalition’s spending cuts, have been charged for superglueing themselves inside TopShop on Western road [1].

The activists targeted TopShop as it is part of the Arcadia group which is run by multi-billionaire Sir Philip Green who, in 2005, avoided almost £300 million in tax by putting the ownership of his business into his wife’s name, who lives in Monaco, where they pay 0% income tax [1].

James Coleman, a spokesperson for the group, said “It is unacceptable that the richest people in society are getting away with paying almost no tax whilst ordinary people have their basic services cut, what’s even more insulting is Sir Philip Green is advising the government on how to spend our taxes, in his role as efficiency advisor, when he doesn’t even pay his fair share”.

Andrea Daniels, 27 said “The tactic of Direct Action used by UK Uncut has been used successfully by everybody from the suffragettes campaigning for votes for women to campaigns against the third runway at Heathrow and it is already working for UK Uncut as George Osborne was forced to talk about the issue of tax avoidance in his budget yesterday”.

Brighton Uncut’s next action will be at the anti-cuts march on Saturday. They are meeting at 8.30 at Brighton Station to take the campaign to targets in London. Everybody is welcome to join them [4].


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Notes to editors:

[1] Brighton Uncut activists arrested on 4th December have their first court date on Thursday 24th March at 9.30am in Brighton Magistrates Court, Edward Street, BN2 0LG.



[4] A video of the TopShop action is on Youtube:


About brightonuncut

Local group in Brighton dedicated to defending our communities from cuts and highlighting alternatives through direct action.
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