South Coast Uncut Occupying for the Alternative!

Most people probably know by now that the TUC have called for a march through the centre of London on the 26th March.

So the coaches have been booked and people are coming from all around the country. This is going to be BIG.

Brighton Uncut have teamed up with the wonderful people at Tunbridge Wells Uncut and the excellent people of Lewes Uncut to create SOUTH COAST UNCUT, London won’t know what hit it.

The problem is though, we’re bored of marching, we’ve marched and marched and marched but look where it got us. The politicians just keep on helping out their super rich tax dodging friends, just keep on killing our planet, just keep on squeezing the last bit of “profit” out of every last one of us.

So here’s the plan – we’re going to pick a target near the march route and cause some mischief.

We will have some large puppet-mask characters and a gold throne to carry the Lord of corporate greed and create theatre of oppression with. (wait and see!) There will also be some colourful flags, and instrumentalists to join the train with at Brighton.

Brighton and Lewes Uncut will meet at 8.30am Brighton Station and travel up to London to meet Tunbridge Wells Uncut at Kennington Park for 11am.

Dress code is “smart funeral black” but with some more colourful outer layers, for the power of transformation… And unity with the clowns…

Nothing can stop us!

Facebook Group –


P.S. – Here’s a cunning clicktivist plan – It’s been heard that the police are relying on Facebook & twitter to focus their resources on 26th March… So It is suggested we need a smoke screen –Click “attending” to every invite received for March 26th.
Each local union branch, community group, bloc, feeder march, & action. Police can’t increase their numbers – they can only spread more thinly. On the day, draw their fire: stick with your group, not the route.

See you on the streets


About brightonuncut

Local group in Brighton dedicated to defending our communities from cuts and highlighting alternatives through direct action.
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