Twitter Direct Action training – How it works!

Hello there! Welcome to the Brighton Uncut Direct Action Training!
This is an experiment! Be patient!
Before you start, make sure you have seen the first video installment and met your sticky guide.
This training session is a trail. Work your way along the trail – you can do it at your own pace!

Doesn’t matter if you’re late – there’s only one way in – to find it search for #UKDA


The trail has three stages. You progress to the next stage by finding the # which contains the next link.

To find the # complete the task in each video’s description box (you’ll have to watch the video to do this!).
It wont be hard! But it’ll make sure you view all the resources!
Don’t forget: Twitter is about immediacy and communication. So there are two hash tags for feedback:
#UKQA – for all your questions and comments. We’ll be responding throughout!
#UKDS – for general discussion about the training.

TASK 1: To begin stage 1, answer this question: how many stages are there to the training? (the answer needs to be written like this: #ANSWER)


About brightonuncut

Local group in Brighton dedicated to defending our communities from cuts and highlighting alternatives through direct action.
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